“An engaging performer, what Cuiffo is doing shouldn’t be understated. Hnath’s interrogations reveal an incisive thinker. What magic and theater have in common is the wonder, the spectacle that ironically sends you back to your reality with a new outlook.” – Maya Phillips,The New York Times



This is a documentary for the stage; a portrait of Steve Cuiffo—both a dedicated craftsperson and artist. It's a show about work—about why we make the things we make and for whom. It’s a about the profound difficultly of doing anything new. And it’s about the beauty of meticulously recreating old things.


STEVE CUIFFO is a magician and theater artist whose work incorporates aspects of sleight of hand, misdirection, imitation and re-enactment to create unique performance, art, theater and magic.

  • (without a beard)

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*CUIFFO is pronounced CHIFFO, not KWIFFO. In Italy it's pronounced CHEW-FO, because originally it was spelled CIUFFO which makes the CH sound as in CIAO. But a long time ago, at Ellis Island, they dotted the "U" instead of the "I" and it became CUIFFO.


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